Covid-19 Information

With the Covid-19 pandemic we will be encouraging everyone to follow the CDC and state guidelines, to include social distancing, hand sanitizing and wearing face coverings or mask at the courts.

Some rules for bocce will change also. Each team will be allowed to carry a minimum of 4 players per team down from the normal 5 for this year. However for the playoffs each team must have 3 players for a playoff game otherwise your team will forfeit.

There will be no grille for cooking this year and no 50/50 raffle.

The league has hand sanitizer's stationed at both ends of the courts and extra cleaning of the restrooms.

There will be no hand shaking , or high fives or hugs between players.

We will be discouraging spectators from watching the matches to prevent the league going over the 25 person limit. So only registered league players are to come to the games.

Players will be required to leave the courts as soon as your match is over . When you play the late matches (8PM) players are requested not to arrive until 7:45.

Bridgeport Bocce League 2021