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All scheduled games will be expected to be played on the date and times set on the schedule,аincluding all holidays. аIf you don’t show up for a game it will be counted as a forfeit and if the forfeits keep occurring your team will not be asked to play next year. If both teams playing each other fail to show both will get a loss. а

Special considerations will be given to a team with a specific situation that is unique andаimpacts the attendanceаof theаentire teamаto reschedule a match during the regular season only. To be approved for a make up the Captain must advise a board member as soon as they are aware of the specific situation. Teams CANNOT make this decision on their own. This will be a case by case basis and decided by the BOD. If approved it must be played with 2 weeks. Also the opposing team must also agree to the rescheduled match.

Reminder:аThe early gamesаmust start at 6:30PM sharpаto avoid the late games from finishing at a late hour
Flip the coin and drag the court BEFORE 6:30PM and the first ball must be rolled by 6:30PM
This rule will be enforced.

On registration dayа Registrations will not be accepted unless there isаat least 5 names with $225.00а ( $45.00 pp) and matching monies to the number of names on the roster.

PLAYOFF FORMATааа See rules page for 2016 Playoff formats

Reminder: 4 players are required in the playoffs.

2016 Summer Evening Captain Rosterа- Click here toаdownload

2016 Summer Senior Captain Rosterа- Click here to download

NOTE TO LATE GAME CAPTAINSа- Please make sure that all the pegs, tape measurers and other suppliers are put away.а
аBoth gates and club house doors are LOCKED and water in the refrigerator

Download theаBridgeport Bocce LeagueаRulesаandаGuidelinesаа

Effective July 1, 2014 there will beаno more alcoholаat the Bocce courts. аThe Board has been contacted by the Police Departmentа reportingаa complaint they received about players drinking alcoholаout of red cups. Please inform all your team members as weаbelieve the Borough will now make a point of enforcing this rule. Any team violating this new rule is subjected to removal from the league. а
Thank you for your cooperation.

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