Capital Improvement Projects

Since the courts have been built Bridgeport Bocce League has been making improvements each year to improve the Bocce League courts.

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2018 Capital Improvement Projects

2018 Capital Improvement: APavilion is being built over thebleachers over Court 1

IMG 0569

IMG 0568

Posts are in and framing is being worked on

IMG 3509
IMG 3507
IMG 3506
IMG 3510

Holes dig for the post

IMG 0560
IMG 0558
IMG 0559

2017 Capital Improvement Projects

2017 Capital Improvement: Courts being updated, new boards and material.

wood 1

Brick 1

IMG 2275

IMG 2272

IMG 2271

IMG 2295

2015 Capital Improvement Projects

2015 Capital Improvement: Pavilions are currently be built on Court 1



rolling out

2015 Capital Improvement: The kitchen and both restroom doors have been replaced with keylessentry locks.

2014 Capital Improvement Projects

Pavilions were built over Court 2 and electric was run to the pavilions for lights and with plans to add fans.

2014 Capital Improvement Projects
Kitchen and both restrooms were remodeled and painted

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